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Is That Even Remotely Possible

When most people think of the word “remote”, they either think of a television remote…click, click, or they think of something hidden away and secluded, like a tropical, deserted island. But there is another meaning, and it could be the saving grace for your company or home office. Through today’s technology, Computer and Communications Innovations […]

Malware Got You Down

Malware Got You Down As technology continues to rapidly advance, and an increasing number of businesses and individuals rely on computers to conduct business, so too does the increase for viruses and malware grow. Malware, the malicious software that corrupts and disrupts computer functioning and collects information can come in various forms, including trojans, viruses, […]


Malware Good evening, readers! Malware. This is a term you’ve likely heard often when hearing about people talking about their computers biting the dust. So what is it, exactly, and how do we prevent it? Can it be removed? What is Malware? Malware is a general term for an malicious software. The most common forms […]