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Innovative CCI

Computer & Communications Innovations…we all know what a computer is…we all know what it means to communicate. But what about the innovations part of the company’s name? If you look up “innovate” in the dictionary, you will see that it means to make a change in something established by introducing new methods, ideas or products. […]

Do You PHP

Did you know that over 240 million websites and 2.1 million servers use PHP? Is your business one of them? If your business wants to “Keep up with the Joneses” (no pun intended since the owner of Computer & Communications Innovations (CCI) is Chris Jones), you may want to consider giving CCI a call. Experts […]

1, UNIVAC, FORTRAN, “Floppy” Disc, Microsoft Windows, & Computer & Communications Innovations?

We have all heard of Microsoft Windows and floppy discs (depending on your age for the later)…but what about Z1, Univac, FORTRAN and Computer & Communications Innovations? They must all have something to do with computer technology, right? You got it. Z1 – in 1936, Konrad Zuse invented the first freely programmable computer called (I’m […]