An Apple Versus an Orange


An Apple Versus an Orange

Well not really oranges…I just wanted to get your attention. I am focusing on Apple products right now: watches, iPads, Macs, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and the ever popular iPhone. Did you know you can sync them all together and help your business?

It’s true. Obviously there are a ton of great Apple products available. Actually, unless you know what you are doing, it can get a little confusing. Here’s an idea, call Computer and Communications Innovations. Our team of computer specialists can not only troubleshoot if you are having a problem, but we can also set up your entire network so everyone is working together as a team. (Working together is how you make money, right?)

Do you want all your iPhones and computers synced together? Do you want to sleep at night knowing that your information is secure? Computer and Communications Innovations (CCI) can do that. We have the knowledge and know-how to  set up your entire business network so that your “digital life” is organized and hacker resistant.

There are a variety of business specific applications that can be set up on your Apple devices (i.e. computers, phones, iPads) that will not only make running your business easier but it will also run more efficiently because everyone on the network will be up to date and in-the know.

Apple products are great…I will admit, I used to be an android phone/regular computer consumer….until I used, firsthand, the awesome Apple products. I am now a believer in their greatness and understand why they cost a little more. That said, setting up and syncing together an entire network of Apple products, be it iPhones, computers, or iPads, can be a challenge.

Don’t get a headache…make it easy on yourself and your company. Just call Computer and Communications Innovations (CCI) or look up their website at and have them do it for you. With no stress, you and your employees will be linked together and running smoothly. Apple makes outstanding products…now let CCI make those products work for you!