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CCI’s New Uptime Monitoring Service

CCI’s New Uptime Monitoring Service Here’s  a scary fact… the average cost of downtime across industries is approximately $5,600 per minute with the average length of downtime being 90 minutes, bringing the cost of each incident to about $505,500. Here at Computer & Communications Innovations, we realize that depending on your business’ size, that total […]

CCI Help Desk How May We Help You

CCI Help Desk How May We Help You   Are you one to keep up with the trends? Well did you know that the hot one right now is to have all your computer support handled remotely? It’s true. Why wait for a technician to come to your place of business when you can just […]

What in the World is Linux

What in the World is Linux Hi. My name is Chris Jones and I am the owner of Computer & Communications Innovations, the “GO TO” company in Middle Tennessee for all your computer needs. The reason I am writing this today is because I have received numerous calls lately from potential clients who ask me, […]

This Isn’t Your Grandma’s Email

“Oh Sweetie, I have the cutest joke I’m going to pass on to you.” “Hey, I just sent you the best picture of us.” “Wanna hook up this weekend? Blah blah blah.” Hey that’s all well and good….for at home. But when we’re talking business, wouldn’t you like a little more substance? Computer and Communications […]