CCI Help Desk How May We Help You


CCI Help Desk How May We Help You


Are you one to keep up with the trends? Well did you know that the hot one right now is to have all your computer support handled remotely? It’s true. Why wait for a technician to come to your place of business when you can just call a help desk and receive immediate support?

For about a year now, CCI’s (Computer and Communications Innovations) computer technicians have run a Help Desk for a large company with over over 150 employees and ten locations nationwide. The venture has been so successful that we have decided to open up a second help desk for our other clients. Introducing Computer and Communications Innovations new computer support help desk.

There are two ways to contact CCI’s new Help Desk. One way is to call their new Help Desk phone number at 615-928-2438 to speak with a member of their Help Desk Team (computer experts). The other way is to to visit their Contact Portal which is fill out the form and someone from the CCI Help Desk Team will contact you right away. By the way, our hours are 7:00am to 5:00pm but we have been know in numerous cases to work after hours and weekends so do not hesitate calling us anytime.

And just so you know, you do not need to wait until a problem arises to call the CCI Help Desk. We would like to encourage companies to be more proactive.Remotely, the Help Desk Team will be able to check your system for viruses, malware, etc. We can help you clean your system up before you experience downtime which could cost your company thousands.

So you are probably wondering what all this great service costs. Well here’s the deal, you can use it when you need it for a low hourly fee OR for an even lower cost per hour (this is what many of our clients have done already) you can keep us on a monthly retainer where you are guaranteed a certain amount of hours per month. Whatever you choose to do, you can feel good knowing that you are being proactive and that the computer experts on Computer and Communications Innovations’ Help Desk Team in Middle Tennessee have your back.