CCI Intelligent Business Continuity Products


Alto-XLThe only continuity solution designed specifically for small business, ALTO 2 delivers enterprise-grade functionality at a small business price. Small, but Mighty!  The extremely compact Micro PC form factor means ALTO 2 can live right on the desktop, attached to the back of a monitor, or anywhere else on the LAN.

Datto’s entire ALTO family gives you the absolute best in business continuity to protect both your Windows and Linux environments. Our broad operating system support gives you the peace of mind in knowing your entire organization’s data is protected.


Siris-2Complete family of enterprise business continuity solutions, available in both physical and virtual platforms, for businesses of every size. The SIRIS 2 delivers the most aggressive Recovery Time Objective (RTO) of any backup, disaster recovery (BDR) and business continuity solution available today.

It is the ideal solution for businesses for whom downtime is not an option. SIRIS 2 offers the best protection for a business’s mission-critical applications, delivered via the most robust and flexible technology on the market today.

Datto NAS

Datto-NASSmart, scalable storage that connects to the secure cloud. It takes the NAS performance to the next level, adding snapshotting and syncing to the cloud.

Datto NAS comes equipped with hot-swappable drive bays. This enables on-site field upgrades, within each product line. It’s never been so easy to scale solutions and grow with your customers.

As users share documents, it takes snapshots of their data so they can easily roll back to previous versions of anything being worked on. All data syncs to the Datto Cloud so it is always accessible, even in the event of a disaster.


Virtual-AppliancesShareable, portable, efficient — companies all over the world are rushing to take full advantage of the benefits of cloud computing. Join them with complete confidence. Backupify is here for you, ready to make sure all your irreplaceable cloud data is backed up, secure and ready to retrieve.

Our daily quest is to bring peace-of-mind to IT managers responsible for keeping business-critical data safe from human error, technology crashes and malevolent intrusions. When you can’t control what will happen, protection is your best and only defense. And no one protects your cloud data better than we do.


DriveCloud-based anywhere-access file sharing solution that’s built for business. Employees can access files on any device, anytime, from anywhere.

Search and access your business data on any device (laptop, server, tablet, smartphone), regardless of where the data lives—in applications, object stores, file servers, in the cloud … or in Datto Drive. Datto Drive storage lets you unify existing silos from other file share services, Windows network drives, SharePoint, and even Amazon S3 into a single namespace.