Let’s Make a Deal CCI’s Computer Version


Let’s Make a Deal CCI’s Computer Version

Remember that old television game show called “Let’s Make a Deal!”? Contestants, who would be dressed in a variety of costumes, would have to pick what’s behind door #1 or #2. Well here at Computer & Communications Innovations, Middle Tennessee’s “Go To” computer support company, we have our own version of this game and it involves choosing a package rather than a door.

While we won’t be dressed in costumes, unless dressing like a computer geek counts, there are some great packages to be had. For the last year and a half, CCI has been running a remote “Help Desk” for it’s customers. Open to assist with your business’ computer problems 24/7 has gone over so well, in fact, that we have grown immensely, adding several more employees to handle the demand for our computer support services. Just to name a few of the services we can perform remotely are:

  • Crashed computers
  • Data retrieval
  • Viruses and malware
  • Upgrades
  • Server maintenance
  • Etc……

Is your company small? Large? Multiple locations or one location? It does not matter because we have monthly packages available for any size business. Whether you have three computers or three thousand, we have something to fit your budget that encompasses how ever many hours of computer support a month you may be needing.

Of course, our team of computer technicians can also go to your business if the project is too involved to be done remotely…like reloading a machine or setting up a new system. This can all be part of your package also.

So “Let’s Make a Deal!” and set you up with a computer support package today. Just one phone call to Computer & Communications Innovations can get your 24/7 support started. Please visit www.nashvillecomputer.us for more detailed information.