Malware Protection and Removal Services

Malware Protection and Removal Services

Computer & Communications Innovation understands viruses, trojans, and spyware are more aggressive and sophisticated now than ever before. We have seen a big upturn in issues over the past 6 months and expect with the growing trend  issues to skyrocket. Fortunately, CCI has the tools and experience necessary to protect your devices and networks from costly Malware issues that have the ability to compromise your network and decrease profits quickly.

CCI can develop a program engineered specifically to protect your systems from costly Malware issues. This includes properly configured firewalls, continually self updating virus protection software packages, and real time scanning feature which monitors all incoming and outgoing mail. Additionally, we have the capability to find and clean infections you might already have.

Are you already experiencing Popups and Malware issues

If your systems have been exposed, our  technicians will  protect your data and eliminate all infections. We will then put in place systems and software to protect against future Malware attacks. Please note that while we will do  everything possible to preserve your system and application environment, it is sometimes necessary to reload the system from scratch to ensure that your system will not become again infected.

We have a Multi-Level Approach to Combat and Clean your Systems

  • Stand Alone computer systems – We generally recommend a fully featured, commercially licensed software suite that is designed for single computer installations. We have duo of applications for this purpose that are very light on system resources.
  • Multi-System or Domain Application – We highly suggest fully featured commercially licensed software that allows you to monitor and protect single or multiple server systems. Some products feature a single web based interface with proactive alert options to you should an attack or problem arise. You may also benefit through cost savings through volume licensing of software. We will assess your specific situation to determine which software and solutions are right for you.

Whichever anti-malware defense best serves your needs, CCI is here to help you to install, maintain, and monitor it for you. Call Us immediately to protect your critical data today!

Dictionary of Common terms

  • Malware – Malicious software is often called Malware. The most common are viruses and spyware. Viruses of many different types are found floating through the Internet. Consider yourself lucky if you have never been the victim of a virus as over 80% of computer users presently have malware installed on their system without them even being aware of it’s presence. There are many talented programmers out there with a lot of time on their hands writing software programs intended to harm your computer or steal your data.
  • Virus – The typical virus requires activation through user intervention, such as double clicking or sending outgoing email with an infected attachment or malicious scripts embedded. Once activated a virus could essentially wipe out or compromise existing data or even send out spam type emais to everybody in your email contact lists. Viruses are scary and that is why DKS Computer Services takes anti virus solutions so seriously.
  • Worm – A worm releases a document containing the “worm” macro and sends copies of itself to other computers through network flaws, therefore bypassing any need for user intervention.
  • Trojan Horse – A common yet difficult computer threat to remove is called a Trojan Horse. This is a program that tricks the user into installing it, often by claiming to be a beneficial program that has detected problems with your system.
  • Rootkit – Rootkits are software packages that install themselves “underneath” the operating system. With a rootkit, a malicious user can maintain full control over your system and remain invisible to most anti-malware software. This type of infection can be difficult to detect on your own, but the experts at DKS Computer Services can determine if you have been compromised in this fashion and will quickly eliminate this software.