Texas Flooding Should Spark Concern for Your TN Business Computer Data


Texas Flooding Should Spark Concern for Your TN Business Computer Data

An estimated 40,000 homes have been destroyed in the recent path of Hurricane Harvey. It is truly devastating and our hearts go out to all the victims. They have lost their homes, furniture, cars, electronics, etc. to the flooding. All of those things (eventually) can be replaced by insurance. But what if you owned a business…could your date be replaced by insurance? No.

While the insurance company can replace your computers and office furniture, the data on your computers is a whole other matter.

Could your company afford to be down for days or even weeks? What would you do if you lost all of your company’s personnel records, tax records, client lists, client information, etc? It would truly be devastating and I’m not sure your business would survive the loss.

Computer & Communications Innovations (CCI) thinks it is better to be proactive and be prepared for a disaster before one occurs. CCI offers 24 hour monitoring and data backup  and recovery solutions. So while your business may be operating somewhere new with new equipment, all your old data is sure to still be there so you can be up and running and not losing money or clients.

In addition to 24 hour computer system monitoring and data backup and recovery, CCI offers a Help Desk phone # to its clients that they can call during business hours to remotely help with troubleshooting, downloading, and a vast number of other problems your company may need help with.

Remember the old saying, “Better Safe Than Sorry.”? Well that can relate to your company’s data. Plan ahead and give Computer & Communications Innovations a call today to set up a backup plan for you incase of a catastrophe…unless, of course, you don’t care if you lose your livelihood.

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