CCI’s New Uptime Monitoring Service


CCI’s New Uptime Monitoring Service

Here’s  a scary fact… the average cost of downtime across industries is approximately $5,600 per minute with the average length of downtime being 90 minutes, bringing the cost of each incident to about $505,500. Here at Computer & Communications Innovations, we realize that depending on your business’ size, that total cost may not be quite as much, but it is all relative and small or large, no company can afford to have their computers and internet down.

Well now there is a solution. For as low as $25/month per internet connection if you have 3 or more ($37.50/month for one or two connections), CCI is offering a service called Uptime Monitoring. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Computer & Communications Innovations will monitor your internet connections to make sure they remain up and running.

What’s the advantage to using Uptime Monitoring? If your internet goes down at night, we will know about it and alert you before you go into work to open up for business. We will also assist you in getting the internet service up and running again, which means NO DOWNTIME during business hours. The same goes for during business hours. The moment we are alerted that you have an internet connection down, we will contact you and get you back up quickly, none of this average 90 minute downtime bull.

CCI means business and they know that downtime is not an option for yours because when you are down, you are not making money. Whether you are an industrial type company that uses computers and the internet to run your machines or a smaller retail store that needs its internet to run its cash registers and run credit cards, it is important that you remain up and running during business hours.

For such a low monthly fee, can your business afford to pass on Computer & Communications Innovations’ Uptime Monitoring Service? I don’t think so.

Little to No Downtime = Peace of Mind

Please visit our website at and give us a call today to hear more about how we can help keep you up and running.