What in the World is Linux


What in the World is Linux

Hi. My name is Chris Jones and I am the owner of Computer & Communications Innovations, the “GO TO” company in Middle Tennessee for all your computer needs. The reason I am writing this today is because I have received numerous calls lately from potential clients who ask me, “I want to purchase a used computer, but it has Linux on it instead of Windows. Besides the fact that it has a cute penguin mascot, what is that and is it any good?”

That’s a great question. When you buy a computer from the store, they are already installed with Windows (unless you purchase an Apple).But once a computer gets a little older and starts running slower (and maybe its been getting a lot of malware viruses lately), it is not uncommon for the owner to have the Window system removed and Linux installed in its place.

That said, what are a few things Linux has in store for its users? A WARNING FROM COMPUTER & COMMUNICATIONS INNOVATIONS…You’re gonna like it 🙂

  • If you have a computer you would like to install Linux on, don’t worry about getting out a hammer and breaking your piggy bank open…LINUX is FREE!
  • Windows takes a few years to change their versions (ie Windows 3, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 8). You are pretty much forced to switch over whether you like it or not because a new version won’t be coming out for a few years. Linux, on the other hand, does upgrades every few months. All I’m saying is, if you don’t like the change they made, wait until the next one  comes out:-)
  • Unlike DOS, the GUI used by Linux is much faster.
  • If you are using multiple desktops to run your games, email, internet, etc. you don’t need to switch between all the open screens to work on them; with a click of the mouse, you can easily switch between your programs.
  • Live CDs work great with Linux. This is because with Windows, you need to install drivers from the manufacturer to use most hardware. Linux, on the other hand, directly supports hardware, so if you want to play a game, just plug it in and let the fun begin.
  • Linux is able to run on multiple platforms, from computers to cell phones.
  • Linux is a team player and gets along well with others 🙂 Seriously, you can install Linux on your computer running Windows. You can share files and work between the two systems with no problems.
  • Use what you want with no pressure from various vendors trying to get you to buy different packages.
  • Its safer than Windows. Since there is a firewall at the heart of the system, malware and viruses are a very rare occurrence, unlike on a computer running Windows.
  • Literally thousands of programs are included for free with Linux. Everything from office software to games.
  • Have a problem? With Linux, you can fix it directly, no need to reinstall.

Obviously, there are many more advantages to using Linux on a computer, but this is a blog, not a book. That said, don’t worry about purchasing a used machine that is running it. Once you learn (and believe me, it won’t take long) how to use it, YOU WILL LOVE IT. And remember , if you ever have any problems, you can always “GO TO” Computer & Communications Innovations’ website at www.nashvillecomputer.us and read up on more articles about Linux or just give us a call.